The Vaquero Consulting Group LLC can provide assistance and teaming partners for emergency response and disaster recovery.

The team at Vaquero is experienced with both the urgent needs of disaster victims as well as compliance measures required form federally funded sources.

In 2005, Edward Pape was selected as the primary General Contractor for the City of San Antonio’s response to Hurricane Katrina. Initially working with the Department of Public Works and then for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, over 20,000 evacuees from storm-affected areas in need of temporary accommodation were housed in numerous structures needing everything from hygienic facilities to security fencing, kitchens, access control systems, laundromats, and entertainment.

In 2009 Edward Pape was recruited to be the Construction Program Manager for the State of Texas Hurricanes Ike and Dolly recovery program providing oversight to municipal recovery projects throughout the affected areas of the two storms. Individual projects included backup systems for public utilities, improvements to designated public shelter facilities, fire stations, drainage systems, and other infrastructure projects